The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper's Mother

The folks at FutureShorts have always made me a happy woman. Whenever I visit their YouTube channel it's a treat.

The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper's Mother quickly became my favorite of the day. Steered by the talented wit of director Felix Massie, as well as an adorably funny and deep storyline, this is a great little film.

Many of us have felt that particular type of tight discomfort whenever we remember that we each have an end. Knowing we're all going to die is a grand motivator to some, and a tyrant to others. What is perhaps most disturbing about it is that we don't know when it'll happen, or how. When an unexpected death alters the lives of the characters in Massie's film, they see -- and the viewer sees (hopefully) -- how death can sometimes strengthen and enrich our short lives. 

Curious to find out what you think. Enjoy :)


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