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Hello friends from around the world! I am so happy to know that there are people from all over checking out the blog.

Here are some of the latest trailers that have made me jump for joy these last few (insanely busy) days. What do you think? Have you seen anything lately that's out of this world good (or bad)? Lemme know :)

And don't forget, I am constantly on the lookout for film studios, writers and directors to interview so if you've got a film or an arts project that you'd love to promote more, just reach out! konstruksjontext at gmail.

And now, on with the show.

On the Road - The adaptation of the Kerouac novel starring my favorite and yours Viggo Mortensen looks surprisingly good! I had to admit I was worried this would get screwed up and fall into the slush with all the other 9 million book adaptations of the decade. But happily, I was wrong.

Girl Model - A very scary, poignant and pretty much angry-making film about the youngest of the young models in the fashion world, where they come from, where they end up going, and who breeds and harvests them. From the short 2 minutes of the preview it's easy to see how hard the fashion industry clings to an ideal and idea that I don't think even it understands anymore. How one group's interpretation of beauty became a template for all to follow has always been beyond me. It's an eternal, damned romance with the unattainable, no matter the price.

Kon-Tiki - Norwegian films are not exactly known for Big Drama. This, though, is one gem of a surprise, chronicling the world-famous tale of Thor Heyerdahl's trip across the pacific on his Kon-Tiki expedition. The story is simple: a classic "how one guy from a tiny country did the unthinkable," there are no women at the forefront (that I know of at this stage, anyway) and we already know the happy ending. Regardless, films dramatizing historic events are always intriguing by their own right, as we can never really turn our backs to the idea of seeing "how it all happened" even though we never will. We weren't there. But man oh man the real thrill of the film is the cinematography, fantasy, and fever-dream-y sequences in the movie. I hope only a taste of these have been given away in the preview. It came out here in Oslo last week so I hope to see it in the coming days and give you a proper review.

The Imposter - For a film I haven't even seen yet, I can't shut up about it, and I think I have shown the preview personally to 15 people a day. OK maybe not that many but I've been rambling about it that's for sure. There's something about this film that combines the dark corners of David Fincher and Christopher Nolan with the smart-person's whodunnit of The Usual Suspects, and the gift-that-keeps-on-giving joy that is a noir documentary. A kid goes missing. Three years later, he comes back, and he's not exactly the same person. In a literal kind of way. So where did the kid go? And who on earth is the guy swearing to be the lost Nicholas Barclay? I would be so thrilled to get to interview Bart Layton on this one and his other kickass work, so Bart if you're out there COME TALK TO ME! As for the rest of you, tilt your head in "what-the-fuck?" as you watch the preview for The Imposter:

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