One for the polyglots - short films in various languages

Greetings again!

Things keep getting better over at konstruksjon. The films in today's entry are no exception. Have an ear for other languages? Dig these.

Norwegian (western dialect. no, it's not dutch.)

Nemesis: This hilarious short follows a man in search of proof that the superpowers he believes he has had within him his whole life really are there, by way of finding a worthy nemesis. He doesn't get "more than he bargained for" (I'll spare you the cliche) but man he gets plenty for you and I to laugh at. (via independentshortfilms)


La Culpa (The Guilt): I won't even get into to trying to lure you into the film with a witty description. Just know this: there's winding dark stairs, scissors, shadows, and a whole lot of bad bad badness. (via my new favorite website, shortfilmoftheweek, aka SFOW)


Lucky Day Forever: I'll let you come to your own conclusions about the racial and social themes raised in this film. I have to agree with my friends at SFOW; the animation is underwhelming and the sound isn't great. But somehow it gets the job done. An interesting effort.

Last but not least, two features of interest, in English. I'm LOVING the dark matte creepiness of Francine. A treasure at SXSW and Berlinale, I can see why so many people were disturbed by Melissa Leo's performance. If the trailer's any hint of things to come I'm in for the ride. Are you?

The Bay: Like I say every time before I post a horror film, I'm a WUSS for horror films haha. And I'm not one to indulge in the hipstery-cool of finding something "interesting" about a zombie apocalypse. But! -- I am a fan of virus and infection films. The Bay, though it seems like it chipped a tooth while kissing up to some of its predecessors, does seem to have some good punches in it. I'll watch it with my OR mask on.

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