Two new, two old, too good. Trailers and shorts around the web


It's been a disturbingly busy time at konstruksjon! Working lots, and I launched the new website yesterday! But, I always have time to look around for some great stuff to show you.

Upcoming release trailers:

V/H/S - Horror/thriller/found-footage craziness. I've read a few articles on the film (and admittedly, some spoilers -- I'm a WUSS when it comes to horror) but this seems to be one trip of a ride! The premise reveals sinister footage of all manner of events gone wrong. When you watch the trailer you'll see the kind of lead-heavy atmosphere this film wields. I know I'll actually work to muster the courage to watch this one in the theater if it comes to Norway, but I doubt it will due to the limited release. A girl can dream. Or, stay wide-awake in the dark freaking the fuck out. Enjoy the freaky stylings of V/H/S:

Edge - This film was released by Dogwoof earlier this year, written and directed by Carol Morley. I just love the characters in this one. If this doesn't pique your interest you have no eyeballs. You would think the idea of strangers staying in a cliff-edge hotel in the winter sounds like the premise for a horror movie, but delightfully, this looks like one lovely trip into the familiar unknowns in us all. 

Oldies but goodies: 

I am a rabid fan of Alfred Hitchcock's, and every once in a while I am determined to rave to as many people as possible about one or all of his films. For those of you who haven't seen Strangers on a Train, stop what you're doing and go find the movie. Now. It's one of the best crime/noir/psychothriller/just-plain-good films of the 20th century, in my view, and definitely a stand-out great from Alfred's long list of cool. The gist: two strangers meet on a train. Guy is a celebrity going through a divorce, and Bruno is rich, "creative" and bored. And likes to read the tabloids. Bruno's proposal: he kills Guy's wife if Guy will kill Bruno's allegedly overbearing and tyrannical father. "Criss-cross!" says Bruno. When you do watch the movie, keep an eye out for Hitchcock's wonderful use of interwoven or "crossed" imagery, including lattices, crossed railroad tracks, and angled plaid patterns. I could go on. But I'll let you get hooked on your own.

Short film: Shadow Puppets

I first saw this film years ago on the SciFi channel back when they had great programming. In a sad, grey, drab, industrial society, a guy's sole pleasure is escaping into his world of shadow puppets. But things soon take a turn for the worse. The film is an incredibly sad, beautiful, dark and very creative take on human rights, the human spirit, and the magic of joy in times of misery. Enjoy Chuck Gamble's short film from 1994.

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