Turning things upside down

Hello friends! It's been a slow and sneezy week here, gotta love the change in the seasons. But I'm back! Alas, Sheldon Candis could not join us, but there's plenty to talk about. And in the coming weeks I'll have exciting people to add to the blog.

Here's a little collection of trailers and shorts that flip certain themes and look at them upside down. Or inside out.


28 Hotel Rooms:

The story of an affair told across the many meetings of the couple involved. This reminded me a little bit of a way-more intelligent and romantic version of George Clooney and Vera Farmiga in Up in the Air (which was a great film but not worth the award nods it got). It does seem to have the gorgeous emotional quality of the flashbacks in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindThe depth of character and inevitable sex scenes are well done, and something tells me this is going to be a great conversation starter among close friends when talking about relationships and the nature of faithfulness. Is what they do and feel really that wrong?

Cloud Atlas

There's something about this film that doesn't sit right with me. I am dying to hear what people say after its release later this month, because the story is as vast as the cast is talented. There are some standout people in the film but I think that just by the trailer alone the film is trying to carry too many themes and tales at once. I have some faith left in the Wachowskis. Run Lola Run will always be dear to my heart. But I just don't know. The film is an inside-out take on what binds people together, past, present and future, and questions time, love, and the other great emotions that make humanity what it is. But I fear this film is going to break under its own weight. See we shall. What do you think?


Oliver Stone returns to his Oliver Stone-ness with Savages, a story that doesn't look particularly interesting, except for the fact that it puts whiteboys in Mexican cartel gear, and we have a female kingpin. Or queenpin? What would the word be? I trust Salma. I give it a "go see it."

Short film

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

I found this one digging around at Short of the Week. I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one as some of the descriptions for the film do - the film is a role-reversal molestation story, where the son is the abuser and the father the victim. The film is borederline horror in that the performances are so strong, and the psychology behind each role is so well done that it's terrifying to watch. Some people have called it a comedy, but this is far from it (and it's disturbing people would laugh at this shit). It's not graphic but definitely a grueling and plain scary film, which gives you a lot to think and talk about. I recommend it because of the skill they employed to tell such an unfathomable but, sadly, probably existent situation somewhere in the world. The ending is as much of a shocker as its beginning. Part critique on the staleness of middle-class suburbia, part a dark imagining that yes, sometimes children are perpetrators on their parents, part horrorshow, this is not a movie to watch before bed or something relaxing.


It Might Get Loud

Much more soothing and wonderful, here's a romp around the guitar and the history of rock with U2's The Edge, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, and the Whites Stripes's Jack White. Personal stories, anecdotes, and damn good rock music. Watch. Learn. Practice. Enjoy.

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