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Hi everyone,

I'm back from the Interfilm Short Film Festival in Berlin. Wee! I got to spend some time with the lovely Helena Steffansdottir, director of Anna, and saw some amazing films by directors from around the world. Over the coming weeks I'll be posting interviews with directors from the festival, along with shorts and more.

In the meantime, here's one of my faves from the Eject XV event on Friday night, The Scream by Sebastian Cosor. If you like Pink Floyd you're in for a very special treat on this one. One of the most imaginative uses of paintings-to-life concepts I've seen since Frida.

Here are my trailer picks for the week:

World War Z

Call me uncool, but I just don't get where the fuck this whole zombie thing came from or why. Why is it the pun of so many jokes? Why are they on so many tshirts and Facebook memes? Why are they on contemporary TV shows, and why are there frikin survival guidebooks written about them? Are we being conditioned by the the media or something? And why now and not when Danny Boyle actually did a great job with the often hokey topic with 28 Days Later? And why the balls is Brad Pitt in a new movie about it? The world's allegedly ending in a month, at least he could go out with a better bang than this. The Emmerich-esque catastrophe special effects look nice and all, but this better be really, really good. It takes a lot to make me mad at Brad:

Any Day Now

Now this is exciting. The new Alan Cumming film looks at a gay couple's attempt to adopt an abandoned teen in the 1970s. It doesn't look tough to guess the ending, but the performances here look stellar, which is no surprise with ANYTHING involving Alan Cumming. Yep. I'm a fan. 


Yes! Elijah Wood as a bad guy is always a treat. I'm deeply curious as to the "why" behind this otherwise run of the mill-ish slasher film.

Coming soon: interviews with Anna Nykyri, Carlo Ortu, post-festival reviews and more. Stay up to date with me on Twitter, and don't forget -- if you need a writer or editor, let me know!

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