The Unmissables for November

Some of the best things about autumn-- or fall, as I often say -- is that it's not winter, which means there's no excuse for anyone to miss these upcoming festivals and films.



I'm a massive Hitchcock fan. I think this is could be a clever film because that cast is intimidatingly strong, yet at the same time I don't know about Anthony Hopkins in the role. There's something about this film that looks very weak; like it's trying too hard to do that "the man, the legend, the playboy, the consummate artist, the human, and the strong-headed woman who loves him" thing.

A Philosophy of Closed Eyes

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This has to be one of the more mesmerizing documentaries I've seen. It screened at Raindance last month, and addresses the issue of death in a wonderfully original way. What happens after we die? How are bodies disposed of in different cultures? How can we change the way death is handled from an environmental point of view? The clip above presents a great segment on body disposal options, and woodland/nature traditions surrounding death. Absolutely beautiful.


Based on recently declassified government records, this is part political thriller, part Soderbergh-esque caper (weird, I know) that actually works. Excellent stuff. Renown script doctor John Truby wrote a glowing review (which I won't link to because it's full o' spoilers!), and it's been pulling down stars all over IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, where it's got a 95% on the tomatometer.


Thessaloniki - The 53rd Thessaloniki Film Festival began today. Can't teleport to Greece? Check out the programs on their website and get day-to-day updates on all the excitement.

IDFA - The incredible International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam is coming up 14 - 25 November!

Interfilm- The International Short Film Festival Berlin will also be going on at the same time, from 13 - 18 November. I will be there pitching a new project, and of course checking out some of the incredible shorts from all over the world. They received 7,000 entries this year from 135 countries, and 500 have been selected for screening. And with a backdrop like Berlin, you know this festival is going to be insane. Will you be there too? Want to talk about a project you're working on that I could help with? Want to just say hello? Let's meet!

Oslo International Film Festival - The wonderful fest kicks off its 22nd year at Sentrum Scene on 21 November, and continues the run from 22-25 November at its home, Filmens Hus. Stick to the Facebook page for details.


I usually don't say much about TV shows here, but I just got on the bandwagon for American Horror Story. It's excellent -- a literally edge-of-your-seat/hands-in-your-hair horror and suspense experience. I guess I've shown myself I've toughened up a bit about horror. Few of the horrors in this season are "supernatural", just very human, and that's what gives them their undeniable power.

This season finds us at Briarcliff Manor, an asylum run by a self-contradicting, insanely manipulative nun, played by the fucking awesome Jessica Lange. The entire cast is stand-out, including Chloë Sevingy and Zachary Quinto. The mysteries, questions and answers unfold fast, and don't pull any punches. It's the best thrillride I've seen in a long time. And how can you say no to that trailer?

Coming up next week: Interviews with Love Addict director Pernille Rose Grønkjær, and artist/director Tony Burke! Woo!

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