You look hungry. Have some film.

Greetings once again. I hope you're preparing for (or avoiding) the holiday season in good spirits, which means you're working hard buying presents, booking travel, or involved in really early New Year's Eve planning like me. Well, I think your eyes need a snack, and your feet need a break. I'm here to provide you a procrastinator's sanctuary with some of the most tantalizing upcoming films and events. You look hungry. Come have some film.

Digital and International Events

The Dubai International Film Festival - The DIFF kicks off this weekend on 9 December, showcasing excellent talent from around the world. Send me some sun if you go :)

The Guardian's London Films - The Guardian recently offered up the fourth and final double bill of its London cult films via Distrify. The final pair is London and Radio On. Check out the previews and watch both here. Thanks to Nicole at MyDirty30's for the tip!


Sound City

One for the music fans, this is an incredible documentary about the Sound City music studio, which was the birthplace of some of the greatest albums ever. It includes great in-studio and interview footage with Tom Petty, Trent Reznor, Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Butch Vig, and many more. As a fan of most of the people in this doc, watching this trailer makes me drool. The film isn't just an "ooh, awesome!" collection of brilliant musicians. It also addresses how the tech age has changed the human element and human approach to music, as nowadays, anyone is a push-button musician, author, or any kind of artist.

Love, Marilyn

Of the bazillion and a half films, docs, books, TV specials, magazine articles, conferences, and random public events, this has to be one of the very best Marilyn Monroe docs I've ever heard of. This is because it so gracefully connects the universal responsibility we all have of living our lives in the present moment, with the story of a woman who has always been identified via her deliberately crafted persona, Marilyn Monoe. A wonderful group of actors joins in on reading from and interpreting the recently discovered journals and other personal papers that belonged to Marilyn all these years after her death.

I, Anna

I have no idea what's going on here either, but apparently the story goes like this: Charlotte Rampling is a noir "femme fatale" who is lonely and looking for a new fella. Somehow in the process she ends up connected to a murder, which then links her in more ways than one to Gabriel Byrne, the detective on the case. Looks promising.

Storage 24

Part Alien, part "Storage Wars", this film does seem to have the tension (and the dubstep) in the right place, though I am almost damn sure they gave away the ending in the trailer. Or maybe in the premise itself, haha.

Let Fury Have the Hour

An excellent documentary about the connection between art, the tech age and social action.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

If you don't want to exhaust yourself wading through all the bogus and fan-made trailers, click on the poster image below for the official announcement trailer for the new Star Trek. I'm already angry at the film for two reasons: 1) there's a trend now of using the "threat from within" plot, which I think should have gotten its coup de grace with Skyfall, and 2) there's an equally boring trend of Photoshopping the shit out of a film franchise's logo to incorporate it into a scene of urban destruction in the promotional posters.

Don't let me down, JJ. You're hanging by a thread with ol' konstruksjon ...

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