A Slight Case of Overbombing

Hello beautiful readers. I am back after my comp suffered "a slight case of death," (name that quote!) and I've missed you dearly.

Director Update

The wonderful Tony Burke has directed a killer music video for the rock band Eight Rounds Rapid. Check it out, crank it up!


Crash! Boom! Bang! The hot trailers out right now are full of a lot of loud noises, bombs and screeching tires, and surprisingly engaging stories. Even for Hollyweird. None of them are exactly fresh, but they look damn good. Especially my first pick:

Pacific Rim - Reminds me a lot of Battle: Los Angeles and that's not a bad thing. Yet another dip into the "aliens are under our noses!" bowl is a kickass visual feast. Rarely do I pause or do frame-by-frame of action sequences in films to gawk at the special effects. Helmed by Guillero del Toro, I think this movie will please the big action, meh-story palate in everyone. A big plus is that it's got the fucking fantastic Idris Elba in it.

The Call - Though this film pushes the "girl in trouble" button that you know I hate so much, I found myself very caught up in the trailer. Our darling Halle gets a second chance to save a girl from a killer. I expect a twist in here somewhere, maybe I'm hoping for one, but even if it's as straightforward as the trailer portrays, this looks like a good flick.

Dead Man Down - A little big-action noir with Colin Farrel, Terrence Howard, and the ever-strange Noomi Rapace. I'm worried the soundtrack may be better than the film. But. It looks good hahah

Comedown - There's a chav-killer on the loose in this one, which may be one of those films you watch when you have a cold or are waiting to go out on the town (am I the only one that watches movies while prepping for a boozer?). We've heard the story a bazillion times -- teens go to an abandoned building to play music, fuck around and eat drugs, then get knocked off one by one. But I don't want to give up on this film that easily. I like the atmosphere. It's like a heavy version of the delightful Attack the Block. Let's see what happens...

The Power of Few - Now this. This I can play with. I'll let the trailer explain the story to you, but I love this film already because it's in New Orleans, Chris Walken is in it, and I have the strong suspicion he's Jesus. Fifty bucks says he's Jesus. Probably one of the weirder films that will come out in 2013, tell me where you place your Find the Jesus bet in the Power of Few...

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - I am a magic fanatic and any film, show or performance involving magic makes me a very happy lady. This film I'm sure pulls part of its name from the awesome Harry Blackstone Jr., who entertained the hell out of me on TV when I was a kid, and oodles of other magicians of the serious and kooky kind. I wonder if Penn and Teller will watch this one. I know I will!

Resolution - I've talked to you about this film before. But it bears repeating. WATCH IT.

One of these things is ... just like the other!

The folks at Fishki gave me a chuckle with this sad but true post about the fact that all movie posters, at some point or another, use the same formula. Click the pic for the full lack of creativity.

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