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Happy Oscar's Eve!

I'll get to our golden art-deco friend in a minute. There's some other stuff you HAVE to see.

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Upcoming Films:

No Place on Earth - This is a beautiful, painful doc about a group who lived underground in a cave in the Ukraine while being persecuted by the Nazis during WWII.

The Silence - The critics quotes say it all in the trailer - if you liked The Killing you'll love this. This German whodunit is absolutely incredible.

Come Out and Play - I haven't laughed this hard at a horror film in a long time. When I first heard of it I thought it was one of those haunted-town kind of scenarios. But the trailer does a great job in giving the whole story away so I'll let you watch and find out for yourself here. In short, kids take over some town and kill all the adults.

Trance - This film has forced its way into my favor. I didn't think much of it when I first heard of it a few months ago. The redband (ooooo!) trailer gives it a lot more body and a better soundtrack though (word of caution to all you Mormon virgins, there's a talking half-head and part of a woman's butt in it). James McAvoy can't remember what he did with a stolen Goya. So Rosario Dawson hypnotizes him into remembering, and also into seeing talking corpses.

Antiviral - Directed by Brandon Cronenberg (yes, the son of the one and only), the trailer alone for this movie gave me the creeps. My only concern is that Brandon is now Cronenberg 2, instead of doing something more original, though the upside to this is that he does imitate his dad reeeeeeeeeeally well. What I love most about this is the questions it raises on celebrity and how nuts people can be just to share something -- anything -- with the celebrity they "love" most.

The Other Fellow - A documentary about men named James Bond. Should be called: Complaining Is Not Enough. Or, Change Your Name Another Day. Or, View to A Lazy Guy.

Room 237 - Last but not least is this genius documentary of interpretations on the film's meanings, Kubrick's symbolism and intentions, and even that whole weirdo thing about how Kubrick directed the moon landing hoax. It's great, intelligent, and a really good film for sitting and researching film theory as you listen. Geek paradise. I loved it.

The Oscars:

There's a fucking fantillion bloggers wagging their keys about the Oscars so I won't bore you. I just want to give you my picks because this year more than ever I think I'm sure I'm RIGHT AS RIGHT. And even better, I'll tell you WHY (for some of them). Organized by categories I'm interested in/know anything about, with writers first because we must always come first. For the full list of nods and trailers for each of the films, go to the elegant arrangement on ABC's Oscar page.

Writing (Original Screenplay )

Will win: Django Unchained
Why: No one expects it and it''ll piss a lot of people off.

Won't win: Amour (already up for foreign language best which I think will do the most damage); Flight (people are tired of plane crashes); Moonrise Kingdom (zzzzzzzzz); Zero Dark Thirty (it's already up for best picture, which I think will do the most damage)

Writing (Adapted Screenplay )

There's a tie going on here.

Will win: Lincoln
Why: Obama loved it. It's got Daniel Day Lewis.
Will win: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Why: It's everyone's darling.

Won't win: Argo (meh); Life of Pi (meh); Silver Linings Playbook (meh);

Visual Effects

Will win: Prometheus
Why: The visuals was all it was good for.

Won't win: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (the visuals are what everyone hated); Life of Pi (too obvious a choice); Marvels the Avengers (been there done that); Snow White and the Huntsman (the visuals weren't even that good.)

Short Film (Live Action)

Will win: Asad
Why: just will

Won't win: Buzkashi Boys (done); Curfew (hipster rock); Death of a Shadow (too weird); Henry (eh)

Foreign Language Film

Potential tie:

Will win: Amour
Why: It's French

Will win: No
Why: Who doesn't love a story of the how-one-man-inspired-a-change-and-how-people-can-all-bring-one-voice-together-for-change story? Oscar's a sucker for that kind of thing.

Won't win: Kon-Tiki (it's Norwegian. Had it not been for the visuals that movie wouldn't be anywhere near California); A Royal Affair (zzzz); War Witch (eh)

Documentary Short Subject I am ashamed to say I didn't get to see these nods so my decisions are based on trailers. Don't call it cheating. Call it ... intuition. This was painfully tough because all the stories here were stronger than any of the fiction ones up for awards.

Open Heart - will probably win. I think the film could be a great call to action to send more resources of knowledge and money to Africa so these harrowing choices don't have to be made anymore.

Inocente - This looks gorgeous. She's a brave soul. I think if Open Heart doesn't win, this one will.

Mondays at Racine - I understand how much a change in appearance can help and hinder during a long period of illness. I wanted to jump through the screen and hug each of these women.

Redemption - no comment
Kings Point - no comment

Documentary Feature

The Invisible War - Must win. I really, really want this to win. But given the subject, sadly, it probably won't. But I will keep my hopes up high. The subject of rape in the military must must must be paid vital attention to.

5 Broken Cameras - Will probably win.

Searching for Sugar Man - This is a lovely story, won't win though.
The Gatekeepers - Reminds me of The Debt. And, it won't win.
How to Survive a Plague - Something tells me it won't make a dent.

Best Picture
It's either going to be

Beasts of the Southern Wild

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