January's Modern Classics

It's time again for the monthly Modern Classics -- films from the last 25 years that I believe to be classic.

Every Little Step (2008)
"If you have something to fall back on, you're going to fall back."

"A Chorus Line" is one of those shows that you don't really understand until you're old enough, especially if you have an interest in making your living from show-business, or the arts in general. It wasn't until this week, actually, that the story of that show really hit me. Lately I've felt like looking for work as a writer in London is pretty much like going to a dance audition for a Broadway show in New York. Though I suppose it comes without the bonus of at least being able to look your judge in the eye. This documentary is superb. I love when you can witness so much talent, and the passion in people's eyes. I love seeing the themes of that simple yet massive, massive show in the flesh of everyone in the film.

The Ghostbusters 2 (1989)
"Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker's God-given right."

I remember seeing this film in the theatre when I was a kid, and just loving the scene with the Statue of Liberty. Like everyone else, I was given nightmares by Vigo and the moving painting. This film is a classic because the story of the Ghostbusters is just too much of an irresistible favourite among all us 80s kids and those that came after. 

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