Philip Seymour Hoffman

Although it's always sad to lose talented people to their demons, this news has really bothered me. I was so happy that Philip and my darling Anton Corbijn had done a film together, and was just watching an interview they'd given about their film. And although it feels strange to mourn people you don't know, especially a celebrity, you're actually mourning the loss of their ability to continue giving what they'd given in the past, the thing that made you love them to begin with. We all have favourite actors and singers and what not, but there's always that top 5, the ones nearest and dearest to your interested, creative heart, and I just hate that he's died. I hate that he died in such a way. I can never get my head around overdoses, especially celebrity overdoses that involve people so, so beloved.

You have to wonder -- where do you have to go in your mind, that despite such resources, such talent, such a blessed life, that you still feel that alone?

Just sad. Take care of yourselves, everyone. Known and unknown, famous or not, look out for each other.

RIP Philip. And thank you.

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