Short and Sweet

Hello my unconventional conventionists,

It's been a mad week for many of us, so I figured on this Saturday evening that it'd be nice to delight you with a selection of shorts. The interviews return tomorrow with the fantastic Stanley Nelson. Enjoy.

It Doesn't Get Better
What happens to the jock, the cheerleader, and all the other notorious bullies of our high school years when they're all grown up? 

Soldiers in the woods at wartime. That's all I will give away. Very clever film.

Oppressed Majority
Every time I watch this film it just gets better, more painful, more frightening. Gender roles are revered in Eleanore Pourriat's sensational short. It made me angry and cry and laugh all in its 11-minute span.

Room 8
This 2014 BAFTA-winner has a double twist. You can pretty much guess the second, but certainly not the first. Nevertheless, it's a delightfully dark little film.

The Man in the Road
Three people try -- or do they? -- to help an injured man lying in the middle of the road.

Jude Law at an airport. I'll leave it at that.

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