Tapping the Vein: Shorts on Tap London

Part gritty, part elegant, Juno Bar in Shoreditch is a nice little place with all the "cool" to be expected from its location. And it's got an interesting thing that happens in the basement every month.

Shorts on Tap is something of a mini film festival, featuring short films by local and international directors based around a pre-determined theme. Hosted and organised by Filippo Polesel, viewers pack into the little basement, sitting in chairs or on cushions on the floor, and engage in a wonderful experience. One can't help but feel like you're part of a secret movement down there, even though you're really all just fans communing with film. The three best films are chosen by a panel of jurors, who are usually also filmmakers or reviewers, and the winners get to come back and judge at the next event. Love begets love.

I was honoured to be among the jury panel at Tuesday night's Shorts on Tap for the "Age of Innocence" films. I got to sit with Ottavia Castellina and Tariq Nasir, and together we made the tough decision of choosing only three of the excellent batch of films as the winners. Enjoy them here, and please check out the rest of the films that screened at the night on Shorts on Tap's "Age of Innocence" page.

Asya directed by Mujde Arslan. A young Kurdish girl takes a walk with her baby brother on her back, looking around her desolate rural village through a magical object that divides dreams from reality. The end dialogue in the film is definitely the most jarring. Excellent work.

Every Other Day directed by Michael Rodrigues
This hard-hitting short takes off running, into a dramatic day in the life of a young student who has to make a decision: whether or not he will let a tragic act be his definition of the word "expectation." 

Chunchi directed by Sebastian Mantilla.
This heart-breaking doc follows two young girls who have been abandoned by their father and live in the isolated Andean town of Chunchi.
See you at the next Shorts on Tap, 18 March!

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