Trailer Tuesday

You look for something on IMDb and end up on the trailer strip. Come procrastinate with me. These are my favourites.

Under the Skin - I love and adore Jonathan Glazer. This film looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see it. What a fever dream.

Enemy - Jake Gyllenhaal's dealing with a doppelganger, an evil twin, a split personality or a weird script. I'm curious to find out. I love the poster for it.

Transcendence - So odd it might be fantastic.

300: Rise of an Empire - I love Eva Green to no end. Trailer 3 is the best yet.

The Bag Man - My hope is that it kind of goes the route of The Ice Harvest. John Cusack rarely makes a bad film. I'm hoping the trailer makes it look goofier than it is but if nothing else, it looks promising.

Grand Piano - I have to admit, this odd take on Phone Booth (oh, yes, it is) made me laugh out loud as soon as the story made itself clear. I don't think de Palma should have cast the entirely-too-boy-like Elijah Wood, but what do I know. I could see Guy Pierce in this. Idris Elba. Somebody with a little more weight on screen whose stage fright would then be even more arresting. I think we've all been in Cusack's position in this film -- you want to hold a gun to the head of your favourite performer so that they don't screw up and play all your fave songs for you. I could also think of a few writers (myself included) that could use someone to hold a gun to their hands to get them to finish their work. Good motivator. And with that, I should go work now.

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