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These are busy times of bounty and transition, but don't worry, I've not forgotten about my beloved blog. Soon coming back with new reviews and interviews with James Burt, Iva Radivojevic and much more. Until then, enjoy this list of some of my favourite concert/music films. Whether it's because of their artful direction or general connection to artists who often feel so untouchable, this is a list of music for the eyes. Enjoy!

Depeche Mode - The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg
Dark, gritty, and oddly claustrophobic with its fever-dream reds and yellows. Layered shots and cleverly layered crowd sounds build a sensational mood for the Mode. This is a nerd paradise for all us hardcore Depeche fans, but if you're feeling nostalgic definitely watch this.

U2 - ZooTV Tour
Probably one of the most intelligently crafted concerts in history, the storied Sydney show from U2's ZooTV tour goes on sensory overload with dozens of screens churning out challenging images and messages.

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same
Because the 3-night compilation filming of Led's New York City shows aren't enough, the wonderful sets are accompanied by wild, weird and downright spooky fantasy sequences.

Madonna - Truth or Dare
One of the few rockumentaries I've watched back to back twice. The first time I saw it I felt like I was going on an adventure. Though interestingly it's often left me wondering if Madonna was a lonely person during that tour.

Madonna - MDNA
Just. Beautiful. The stories and the choreography matched with the mega high-tech set is seriously astonishing.

Pink Floyd - The Wall
Classic among classics.

Nine Inch Nails - Live at Lollapalooza
I know. ALL of NIN's tours should be in this list... I worship the people who do their set design and production.

More great picks are on Total Film's 50 Greatest Concert Films of All Time.

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