Shorts on Tap: And the Winners Are...

Shorts on Tap, the wildly popular short film event in Shoreditch, brings Londoners the best in short film from seasoned and brand-new directors. With the likes of Shooting People and the London Film Academy joining their list of partners, SOT's stream of featured talent is secured for a long time to come.

If this is your first time hearing about Shorts on Tap, this is how it goes: In accordance with the theme of the night, seven to ten short films are divided between a first and second half. The judges panel is formed of previous winning directors, along with bloggers and other film industry folk. The directors screening their work come up at the end of each half to briefly talk about their film and answer audience questions. At the end of the night, the judges undertake the often grueling task of choosing the three winning films.

The themes of SOT are always challenging, engaging, and full of some pretty wild surprises. I'm especially looking forward to the upcoming Beyond Scotland event, where the short films will explore what the referendum means to the people of Scotland.

Tonight's event, A Touch of Noir, featured some excellent shorts in the genre, some bordering on the down-right terrifying. As always, three winners were chosen from the bizarre, darkly funny, and psychologically impacting lineup.

Here's a recap and the week's winning films.

Reign of Death - Directed by Matthew Savage
A classic gumshoe detective in the far, far, faraway future tracks down the robot he's convinced is his "man" in a veiled whodunnit mystery.

lot254 - Directed by Toby Meakins
More horror than noir but just as gripping, Meakins' three-minute freakout is about a man repairing a mysterious camera known only as  Lot 254. 

SLR  - Directed by Stephen Fingleton
In my opinion the best film of the night. Fingleton's SLR follows a man whose obsession with voyeur porn photography comes back to bite him.

Stay glued to Shorts on Tap's glorious new website, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest on upcoming events and which films will be featured. If you're curious to know more about Shorts on Tap, check out my interview with the wonderful organiser, Filippo Polesel. And if you're thinking of coming along for the next event, don't forget to RSVP! The venue fills up and fast!

See you in the dark!

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